Water sustains all life. The human body is 70% water. The earth’s surface is 70% water and 96.5% of that water is in the ocean. Freshwater only accounts for 2.59% with 2% being trapped in polar ice caps and glaciers. There are generally two types of water humans consume: surface water for our drinking water supply and irrigating crops, and the other is ground water, which keeps rivers and lakes full.

Turn the water off when you brush your teeth. Don’t let the hose run wildly. Get a rain cistern to collect rain water (or a trash can) to water your plants. Shorten your showers. There are so many ways to conserve water we can’t begin to list them here. Go to www.wateruseitwisely.com and check out all their fun games for kids and easy tips for you. The International Car Wash Association has a great power point that explains how the water used for home or fundraiser car washing is causing damage to the fresh water supply and its inhabitants. Check out their site.

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  • Rainfall runoff from agriculture, fertilizer and septic systems are poisoning waterways with phosphorous and nitrogen creating algae eruptions which threatens public health and drinking water
  • Most bottled waters are only tap water
  • Swimming in chlorine is linked to allergies and asthma and is suspected to be a huge factor in our ozone depletion
  • Copper-ions kill algae and silver ions kill bacteria and viruses
  • Most Americans use between 80-100 gallons per day and flushing the toilet is your #1 “water hog” (what a great excuse to let Little Johnny pee-pee in the yard!)
  • Plastic pollutes our fresh water supply
  • Car wash facilities are eco-friendly


Green Parent Association has not been endorsed by any of these experts. We have included them on our page so YOU can rely on them as much as we do. We hope they don't mind us trying to send you to their site!