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  • Clean, healthy food

    Clean, Healthy Food

    We are truly alarmed by the food industry, the ingredients they are putting into food, and their short term thinking. According to the NonGMO Project, approximately 75% of all processed food is genetically modified. GM food has NOT been proven safe. Many other countries have restrictions on GMO’s but the United States allows it because the FDA let the companies producing the GMO’s do the research stating it is safe. Now is that the fox guarding the hen house or what? We are advocates for science and research, but we also know that messing around with Mother Nature can’t end well for anyone!
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  • School lunch programs

    School Lunch Programs

    School snacks and lunch are bombarding our children with “foods” that have a shelf life longer than they do. The number of ingredients in these items fills a list higher than a preschooler can count. They are being wooed by colorful cupcakes, crunchy little fish, “baked” chicken nuggets (previously fried but reheated by baking), pizza and corn dogs. Yes, corn dogs, a.k.a. carnival food. Where did all the real food go? Where did ingredients go that kids (and grown-ups) can pronounce? Where did the concept of nourishment go?
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  • renewable-energy


    This one stumps us. We should be an energy independent nation using clean, renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass waste which is municipal solid waste, landfill gas, and biogas, ethanol, and biodiesel. We have an enormous opportunity to generate clean power that benefits both the planet and our economy. Remember your economics class and basic “supply and demand” principles? Purchase power is an effective tool for change. Make changes in your life and your place of work. Grass roots efforts are at the foundation of effectiveness.
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  • carbon-footprint

    Carbon Footprint

    This is it…it affects everything: air, water, land. We all must educate ourselves about what is truly happening around the globe with ozone depletion, polar ice melt, weather patterns – the list goes on. Learning what the real causes and affects are as well as estimated timelines is knowledge you need to have so that you feel a part of the solution and determine where you can tighten things up a bit to help reduce your family’s carbon footprint.
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  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    This is easy. We all have daily opportunities to reduce…our electrical demands, our waste, the amount we eat, our water usage, the distances we drive, and the things we buy. We all have daily opportunities to reuse…our blue jeans from yesterday, the cup we drank out of earlier, the other side of that piece of paper our grocery list was on, and that shopping bag. Every day there is something to recycle. Get a cart with wheels for your bins so it won’t deter you from hauling them to the curb. So many products now are made from recycled materials which keeps them from those nasty landfills. Do your part.
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  • Water


    Water sustains all life. The human body is 70% water. The earth’s surface is 70% water and 96.5% of that water is in the ocean. Freshwater only accounts for 2.59% with 2% being trapped in polar ice caps and glaciers.
    There are generally two types of water humans consume: surface water for our drinking water supply and irrigating crops, and the other is ground water, which keeps rivers and lakes full.
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  • reduction-of-toxins


    We are concerned about the toxicity of our daily lives and the effects on short and long term health. We are disturbed that so many seem to be asleep at the wheel. How can all these chemicals in and on everything be ok? Environmental toxins are on our food, in cosmetics and skin care products, dry cleaning, pet products, home products, children’s toys, lawn care, beaming around and through us with electromagnetic radiation, the list is endless. We urge you to learn about all the toxins that are part of our modern day lives and conveniences. How convenient will it be when we start caring only after some dreadful diagnosis?
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  • wellness-fitness

    Wellness & Fitness

    Nutrition equals wellness. It’s not just luck-of-the-draw. The majority of your long-term health outcome allows for your input and involvement, you just have to start being accountable to yourself now. Don’t forget that our current health care system is based on putting out fires – not preventing them, as is the training of most of our health care practitioners. Until our society makes a huge paradigm shift in how we operate and focus on preventing fires, you must take control of your health and make informed decisions for what is best for you. You must incorporate the advice from health care experts on prevention. Be accountable. Be knowledgeable. Be in charge.
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  • Taking action

    Taking Action

    You must! Get a few friends together and pick one or two areas of interest. Start a movement in your circle of friends to become passionate about the quality of our food supply, the environmental toxins, our precious water, or reducing the carbon footprint of your school and local community as well as your own household. Write letters to elected officials about making changes. For starters, check out the web sites of Earthjustice and Take Part, they will inspire you and assist you with your goals for change.
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  • compassion-philanthropy

    Compassion / Philanthropy

    Help us save the world. It’s a lofty goal, but why not? There are so many amazing groups doing phenomenal work around the globe, let’s help them. Each person can truly make a difference. Isn’t that what we teach our children? So let’s lead by example and go rock this world!
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  • Kids


    Children are a clean slate straight out of the shoot. Why not keep them that way by getting them hard wired early on to make responsible and accountable decisions about their own health, and the health of the planet. They deserve to be educated and part of the decision making – we know all too well they certainly can make up their own minds when they want to! Why not get them “bought in” right from the beginning? They will have such a head start in life.
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  • Green shopping mall

    Green Shopping Mall

    Green Parent Association has decided NOT to accept advertising dollars for any product or service. The following companies sell products we love for ourselves and the planet. We hope you like them too!
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