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This is it…it affects everything: air, water, land. We all must educate ourselves about what is truly happening around the globe with ozone depletion, polar ice melt, weather patterns – the list goes on. Learning what the real causes and affects are as well as estimated timelines is knowledge you need to have so that you feel a part of the solution and determine where you can tighten things up a bit to help reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

If you go the web site, you will be inspired by the global efforts towards reducing our impact on the planet. It will also help educate you on the science of what this all means so you don’t have to rely on political/partisan spins or primetime TV and news shows to interpret it for you. You don’t have to be Einstein to get it. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to care. It’s just common sense.

According to NOAA, the ozone hole in our atmosphere above Antarctica has changed significantly since the late 1970′s due to the increase in greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases contain nasty little things like carbon dioxide, methane, chlorine, bromine, etc. The most air pollution comes from our ever growing need for energy of which most comes from burning coal and oil, methane released by cows and mining, and deforestation.

There are many things that need to happen on a global level. In the meantime, there are things you can do to help. Try to wean down your family’s energy needs. Unplug things that are not being used. Plant a tree. Air-dry your clothes and towels whenever possible. Check out the IRS web site for federal tax credits for qualified electric vehicles. Reduce the amount of red meat you eat, even if your come from a long line of carnivores, start with eating only plants one day a week, you can help make a difference. Use as little paper as possible and always use both sides. Go to and cut back on all those catalogs. Only buy paper products that are made from recycled paper. Notice the ingredients in your processed food – many baked items contain ingredients like palm oil which requires deforestation in certain parts of the world to make room for the farms.

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  • We can save almost 3 billion gallons of gas every year if we kept our tires inflated correctly
  • By purchasing products that are FSC Certified, you help protect forests worldwide
  • Utilizing cork is eco-friendly: trees are not cut down and live several hundred years


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