Compassion / Philanthropy


Help us save the world. It’s a lofty goal, but why not? There are so many amazing groups doing phenomenal work around the globe, let’s help them. Each person can truly make a difference. Isn’t that what we teach our children? So let’s lead by example and go rock this world!

We can’t help it. We want you to have a healthy body and healthy planet. Teach your children to do the same, not only for themselves, but for others around the world who need a helping hand. Compassion and philanthropy for others helps make for a happy, healthy heart.

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  • Vitamin Angels has helped the immune systems of 20 million children in 40 countries
  • TOMS has given over one million pairs of new shoes to children in need around the world
  • Heifer Foundation works globally to end hunger and poverty while caring for the earth
  • Society of St. Andrew feeds the hungry by gleaning crops in over 20 states
  • Earth Water donates 100% of net profits to the United Nations World Food Program so millions of refugees get clean drinking water
  • 854 million people in the world are hungry and malnourished; 10% are American families
  • Forest Stewardship Council protects the management of the world’s forests
  • Every day around the world, 6000 people die because of no fresh drinking water


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