Children are a clean slate straight out of the shoot. Why not keep them that way by getting them hard wired early on to make responsible and accountable decisions about their own health, and the health of the planet. They deserve to be educated and part of the decision making – we know all too well they certainly can make up their own minds when they want to! Why not get them “bought in” right from the beginning? They will have such a head start in life.

Teaching children to respect the care of their bodies while being conscious of our planet is paramount. They only get one of each. Understanding how personal choices affect not only their immediate lives but their lives in the future, whether it a personal health choice or one for the planet, we’re all part of the cycle of life.

When they receive a new toy, we go to great lengths to make sure they are aware of how to make it run, how to take care of it and what will happen to the toy if they are careless and reckless. Shouldn’t we make every effort at every opportunity to teach them the same applies with their body, and the planet?

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  • Eating lots of different colored foods helps get different nutrients your body needs
  • Limiting starchy white colored foods helps your insulin levels stay in a good place
  • Tea tree and rosemary essential oils help with lice prevention
  • The Switch Witch can come to your house after Halloween, Christmas and Easter if your family leaves her a note and all remaining candy. She will “Switch” your candy for a new treat!
  • Dump old fish tank water on a plant in your yard, it’s full of nutrients
  • Conserve natural resources by reusing everything you can and purchasing things made from recycled materials


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