We are concerned about the toxicity of our daily lives and the effects on short and long term health. We are disturbed that so many seem to be asleep at the wheel. How can all these chemicals in and on everything be ok? Environmental toxins are on our food, in cosmetics and skin care products, dry cleaning, pet products, home products, children’s toys, lawn care, beaming around and through us with electromagnetic radiation, the list is endless. We urge you to learn about all the toxins that are part of our modern day lives and conveniences. How convenient will it be when we start caring only after some dreadful diagnosis?

Reducing your environmental toxic exposure plays a large role in your long term health. Genes are estimated to only determine 25% of your health-destiny. Take a close look around you and the chemicals on produce and in the food supply, the industry by-products and waste chemicals in cosmetics and body products, and the chemicals in household cleaners. Hoping for a healthy life won’t take you nearly as far as taking charge of things you can control.

Dirty Words…here are more of the bad guys. Get to know your enemies so you can always avoid them.
SLS: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. ALS: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. Paraben Preservatives. Propylene Glycol. Isopropyl Alcohol. Polyethylene Glycol. DEA: Diethanolamine. TEA: Triethanolamine. MEA: Monoethanolamine. Aluminum. Mineral Oil. Talc. Retinyl palmitate. Oxybenzone. PCE: perchloroethylene. PVC: polyvinyl chloride. PFC: perfluorochemical. Phthalates. Chlorine.

These are some of the good guys.
100% virgin wool. Distilled white vinegar. Lemon juice. Baking soda. Plant based cleaning supplies. Generally, anything your grandmother would recognize and your toddler can pronounce.

Check out the Environmental Working Group and the Healthy Child Healthy World web sites for starters. They are some of the most credible resources you can rely upon. They have fantastic information with great research so you can educate yourself about products you use and make informed decisions about what is right for you.

Question Mark
  • Cleaning with distilled white vinegar will save money and cleans almost everything!
  • Releasing batches of lady bugs in your yard and garden will help control other insects and larvae
  • A 10 minute shower is the same as drinking eight glasses of that water
  • Cooking with and drinking from aluminum is linked to endocrine disruption
  • Non-stick cookware is made from PFC and is highly toxic – use stainless steel
  • Cell phones emit radiation
  • Healthy Child Healthy World web site has free downloadable pocket guides for shopping


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